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Free SexTapes® MP3s

We are offering free downloads of SexTapes® MP3’s from our new album. For a limited time you can download three MP3’s from our new album by simply signing up for our mailing list. Click here and grab your MP3s.


The Sea

We would like to send a Big Thanxxx to all who came and packed the California Music Fest! It was great looking out at a sea of thousands of our fans shakin’ and slammin’ to our set! We had an amazing time playing for y’all and will be doing more of the same soon. We would also like to thank CMF organizers for inviting us and treating us so well, and all the ladies who were kind enough to show us what was written under their shirts.

In a few weeks we will be announcing some great new dates with major acts, so keep your ears to the ground!

Until then, Peace in.


LIVE @ California Music Fest

SexTapes was recently chosen out of more than 700 applicants to rock the California Music Fest in Ventura Cali. Check out the huge festival and catch SexTapes live at midnight! Hope you can make it-with over 45 thousand attendees, should be an amazing festival!

SexTapes @ California Music Fest

Main Stage E Main St Ventura CA 93001
SexTapes live at midnight.

See you there!


Shopping for Celebrity SexTapes

What’s up Los Angeles and the world! If I can pause “24 Hours of Extremely Lost Celebrities,” for a few seconds, we have some things to share.

Besides the usual conversations online, seems like everyone is talking about SexTapes. We can’t even go a few minutes without some kind of chatter about us online (seriously, just Google it), so we’re going to dive in and take it a little deeper.

Along with asking when we are playing in their city, or how they can star in our videos, SexTapes fans also ask if entertainment celebrities have anything to do with their private SexTapes going public.

Well, we’re here ta tell ya!

Our research indicates that, yes, celebrities do leak their own SexTapes to the public (oh my!). We have discovered that these are actually higly orchestrated PR campaigns waged for maximum profit (theirs). It seems that when a celebrity goes public w/ “shock” and “outrage” at the “invasion of their privacy,” over “stolen” SexTapes, it is very likely that they are following their business consultant’s specific strategy to create a huge global demand for the purported SexTapes, which they will capitalize on shortly. After they are sure the highest value/demand is reached for these SexTapes, an “undisclosed settlement” is announced, that intentionally discloses just enough information to whet the public’s appetite, such as the celebrity partnering w/ original “leakers” or a similar third party front. The SexTapes are then “officially” released, in order to ease any hesitation the public may have had about purchasing illegal SexTapes (oh my!). There’s nothing left but the accounting at that point.

Keep this in mind the next time you’re shopping for SexTapes.

Speaking of which, SexTapes has a new merch store app for you to check out here. We have different styles available for men and women, so pick up the latest SexTapes merch today.

Next, check out the latest Chris Pitman Interview in Here Today Gone To Hell. Thanxxx Ayako!

Also check out the new SexTapes posters on the main set of the Ron Howard/Brian Grazer NBC pilot, Parenthood. The Production Designer digs SexTapes and chose two posters for an industrial loft set.

See you in the aisles or online! SexTapes FFRYF!

OK, back to the show!

Shopping cart full of peace out.


SexTapes FFRYF!

Huge shout to our fans all over the world. SexTapes exists because of you and we would like to thank you for your massive support! To show our appreciation we are launching SexTapes FFRYF! (SexTapes Fans F#%king Rule You F#%kers!)

This crusade includes over 60 new web sites (one of which you’re eyeballin’), exclusive footage (maybe flesh), controversial rants (’cause our rants R bigger than theirs), mad artwork, smokin’ new merch, Superfans exclusives (4 fanatics), street teams spreadin’ love, plus over 1300 radio stations ’round the world rockin’ our singles-and whatever the hell else we feel like doing!

And you are the main ingredient. You are on the menu. We want to hear from you, hear about you and see you in action, so tell us what you want (or possibly how hard you want it). Send your comments, photos and video and we’ll post ’em and maybe use it in ways you never dreamed of (subject to Terms of Use and the laws of the land). That simple.

Speaking of action, here’s one for you: if you want to be on the exclusive SexTapes mailing list, sign up here. While you’re at it, come see us live at a city near you, so we can scribble on some body parts. Check here to find out about our next shows.

See you in-person or online. SexTapes FFRYF!

Huge peace out.


Radio & The World

Greetings Los Angeles, Cali... and The World!

We’ve been getting some interesting press in distant lands like Japan and Germany. Seems like the rest of the world wants some SexTapes of their own! We’re told they’re good reviews, although something may be lost in translation ;) Thanxxx to Alex and Ayako for the Japan articles! Check them out below.

Next, SexTapes is being added to College Radio all across the nation! Make sure you request SexTapes at your favorite college radio station! We will be promoting the single, Trainwreck, so let them know you want to hear some SexTapes™!

SexTapes® International Press JAPAN:

WeROCK Magazine w/ “SexTapes” on the Cover!
(see inside black circle on bottom half of CD):

WeROCK Magazine SexTapes™ article:

Burrn! Magazine Cover:

Burrn! Magazine SexTapes™ Article:

Burrn! Magazine SexTapes™ Merchandise:

Burrn! Magazine SexTapes™ Merchandise closeup:

SexTapes® International Press GERMANY:

Powermetal Magazine SexTapes® Article:
(below is a preview of the final article to be published in Powermetal)

Neues Review von Enrico Ahlig

Unkorrigierte und noch nicht freigegebene Fassung - die endgültige Version gibt's später hier.

SEXTAPES haben leider sowenig mit Schmuddelfilmen zu tun, wie ich mit Blumenkohl – leider. Doch dennoch sollte man sich einmal mit diesem Werk dieser Band auseinandersetzen. Denn am Mikro steht niemand anders als Chris Pitman. Chris wer? Wer ihn nicht kennt, dem stell ich erstmal seine Vorgänger vor: Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Gilby Clarke usw. Na, leuchtet was? Genau, er ist einer der aktuellen Gitarristen von GUNS N’ ROSES. Und da er als Mitstreiter von Axl Rose ein hartes Fell haben muss, sollte man doch ein Hartwurst-Feuerwerk erwarten – oder auch nicht.

SEXTAPES haben zwei Jahre gewerkelt, getüftelt und nun ihr selbstbetiteltes Debütalbum veröffentlicht. Großspurig als Future Hard Rock bezeichnet, ist es doch eher ein Stück Vergangenheitsbewältigung geworden. So wird man das Gefühl nicht los, dass man einfach mal alle befreundeten Bands in einen Topf geworfen, gut umgerührt und mit wenig Würze auf den Teller serviert, bzw. auf CD gebrannt hat. So erfreuen wir uns beim unterhaltsamen Opener 'Medicine Man' an leichten NIN-Einflüssen, die mit MUSE gemischt und leichtem 80er Jahre Hair Metal geschminkt wurden. Pitman singt dabei überraschend hoch – doch, das klingt gar nicht mal schlecht. Wie bei vielen Produktionen der heutigen Zeit fehlt aber ein wenig Druck, sodass die Musik doch leicht breiige Züge aufweist. Zwar fällt das folgende 'Trainwreck' in den wabbelnden Midtempo-Bereich ab, doch auch hier bleibt die Qualität im oberen Bereich.

So kann man eigentlich das ganze Album wunderbar durchhören. Jedoch braucht es etliche Runden, um sich wirklich im Kopf festsetzen zu können. Dafür entdeckt man immer was Neues – auch nicht schlecht. So durchdringt 'Asrad' ein feines Blues-Riff, während 'Paranoid Freak' man auch auf einem RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Album finden könnte. 'Get Me Down' leiht sich den Rhythmus und den Groove bei LED ZEPPELIN und der Rausschmeißer 'Worklords' kann fast als reinrassige Pop-Nummer bezeichnet werden.

SEXTAPES schaffen es scheinbar spielerisch, alle Fassetten der Pop-Kultur in einem Album unterzubringen. Das ist zwar wirklich unterhaltsam, dennoch sollten sich die Jungs mal auf einen Stil einigen. Leichte Orientierungslosigkeit kann man dazu auch sagen. Aber vielleicht ist dies in diesen schweren Zeiten auch völlig normal und verschlimmert sich womöglich sogar noch. Daher passt die Bezeichnung Future Hard Rock ja vielleicht doch.

Anspieltipps: Medicine Man, Get Me Down, Worklords


We had an amazing show at the Key Club last month and would like to thank everyone who came-the house was packed on a Wednesday night! Thanxxx to our friends Pigmy Love Circus and Sturgeon for sharing the bill. You can check out photos from the show here. (or go to our MySpace page and hit Pics).Thanxxx also to Amy and Rynne for taking some great shots! We are working on more shows and will let you know as soon as they’re confirmed!

Next, we have some new domestic press updates below:

Kelly Wheeler Interview with RockWired

Kelly Wheeler Interview with PensEyeView

Trainwreck on Odeo

SexTapes Featured on iSound

We do have some sad news to report about our good friend, Volto and Pigmy Love Circus guitarist, John Ziegler. You can read about it on his latest blog here. Come show your support for him Monday nights at The Baked Potato in Studio City. Previous friends & special guests have included Danny Carey (Tool, Volto, Pigmy Love Circus), Kenny Aranoff (John Mellencamp, Bob Seger, John Fogerty) and many others.

Despite his tragedy, John reminds us in his blog to: “...please tell the ones you love how you truly feel, as much as possible. take nothing for granted...”

Excellent advice. Spread the word.

Peace & Love to all our families throughout the world.




Happy New Year and much love to our family, friends and fans all over the world! It’s been an amazing two months since our album dropped and we are happy to anounce...


SexTapes® will be kickin’ out the jams live in Hollywood at The Key Club. Come and join us for a great night of crushing Rock N’ Roll w/ good friends, Sturgeon and Pigmy Love Circus! This will be a slammin’ show, so get your tickets at Ticketmaster or The Key Club Box Office today!

SexTapes® Live
The Key Club
9039 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood CA 90069
(310) 786-1712
Show starts at 8:00pm and SexTapes™ goes on at 8:55pm. Tickets available at Ticketmaster and The Key Club Box Office.

We have more shows in the works and will let you know as soon as dates are confirmed!

Next, we have new press updates below. Thanxxx to Mona and everyone at MLC PR!

SexTapes® in OC Life magazine (pg 55)

Kelly Wheeler Interview with LAs The Place

SexTapes® New Years Resolution in Babble and Beat (19th listing down)

SexTapes® on Insomnia Radio

Rock And Roll Report plays SexTapes® New Single, Medicine Man

Kelly Wheeler Interview on Blog Talk Radio/BC Radio Live from (last 15 minutes of 1 hr show)

We’re stoked that so many of you recieved our free MP3s that we gave away during this difficult holiday season. If you missed it, we may be posting them again and will give you a shout as soon as we have the details.

Sounds like it’s going to be a madhouse in D.C. on Tuesday-2 million expected to attend! Exciting times indeed.

That’s a wrap for now. Hopefully we’ll see you at The Key Club!

Peace. Rock. Out.



30 Days Out

What up SexTapes® fans! We’ve heard from so many of you from around the world since our record release that we wanted to send you a big thanxxx for all your support!

We’ve been busy booking shows and getting ready for mass consumption. Our good friend Angelo Palazzo is helping us out with keyboards and a little rythm guitar (thanxxx Ang!) and the whole band is seriously dealing it down! We will let you know as soon as we have dates confirmed.

It seems that now the press wants their SexTapes™ back! Check out some new ink & audio below. Thanxxx to Mona and everyone at MLC PR!

SexTapes® on headline page of Hollywire and
SexTapes® article inside Hollywire

SexTapes® inside Undercover Australia

Hear Kelly Wheeler on The Jay Grayce Show at
(raw college-like NYC community radio station in Tribeca ;)

SexTapes® in Sleaze Roxx

SexTapes® on Hard Rock Hideout

SexTapes® on Brave Words

SexTapes® on Music Radar

SexTapes® in Blabbermouth

Sneak peek of the Kelly Wheeler Interview with LAs The Place to be published in the up coming January issue:

LA’s The Place
Why did you name the band SexTapes?

Kelly Wheeler
I thought it evoked the feeling you get when listening to great music. Exceptional artists pour everything into their craft and sometimes you come across a song, or whole album even, by an artist that's so good and personal it's crazy! It's like you've found this private thing that they didn't care if one person or a million people hear. Finding this is rare, but when you do, hearing it is almost like watching sex! I always thought that it was a great analogy for quality music.

What has Pitman’s relationship with GNR meant for you?

It’s always a trip to hear about Chris’ journey with GNR. Obviously, we may get noticed a little more because of it, but at the end of the day, our music speaks for itself.

What is your favorite song on the album and why?

Probably Medicine Man. I like the big eastern-hued riff propelled by that gigantic drum beat! Sounds like something wicked this way comes. Ominous, but with the right melody-sort of sums up the SexTapes sound.

You all have interesting backgrounds, tell us more about them.

I’ve played in Los Angeles bands since back in the day after moving here from Santa Barbara. I’ve been fortunate enough to play with great musicians like Perry, Danny and Terri (Farrel of Jane’s Addiction, Carey of Tool, Nunn of Berlin, respectively), and continue to do so with Chris, Marko and Ryan. I’m also an art director & graphic designer and create the SexTapes visual experience. Since I enjoy being creative in a lot of different areas, SexTapes allows me freedom of expression in a wide range of mediums.

Marko has also played in bands since back in the day, and moved here from South Carolina to impose his own brand of Punk N Roll on an unsuspecting Los Angeles. Marko and I have been friends for years, but had never played together until SexTapes started.

Ryan has been the bedrock beat for SexTapes since joining. He got his training from Indiana University and has recorded and toured the world with some of the biggest names in jazz, rock and pop. Chris knew him from the LA band, OWL, and after hearing the demo, Ryan was immediately inspired to play with SexTapes.

Chris is a multi-instrumentalist who got his start as a vocalist/keyboard player in Kansas City bands after attending the University of Missouri Conservatory of Music. He’s been with Axl in Guns N’ Roses for about 10 years and has played with Danny (Carey of Tool) and Marko in Zaum, and with Paul D’Amour (Tool) in Lusk. Chris & I have played on and off together for years, and have always wanted to do another project. Finally our inspirations/schedules lined up and here we are.
# # #

Seems our humble band is starting to get a little buzz... (the other kind). Will let you know when we get more. Hope everyone has a great holiday!

Peace in...


Racing In Los Angeles

Greetings from Los Angeles!

A lot has happened (fast) since the last update and I wanted to include as much as possible.

First and foremost is this new web site! We worked hard to get the site, complete with a SexTapes® store. Hope you enjoy it!

Next, we want to thank all our fans for making the first two weeks of our album release so huge! You helped us go way beyond our expectations, so a big thanxxx to everyone! Because of your requests, SexTapes® T’s and Hoodies are available separately.

The new SexTapes® album is now on iTunes and we have been getting great reviews! Big thanxxx to those reviewers for taking the time to post! Check it out the next time you’re on iTunes.

Besides our web site store and iTunes, SexTapes® is also available online at the following stores:

Amazon MP3
Best Buy
Barnes & Noble

Check them out! Not only can you get some, but you can also give some mad sex this holiday.

You can check out some of our new press through the links below. Thanxxx to Mona and everyone at MLC PR!

Kelly Wheeler & Chris Pitman in Singled Out Article

SexTapes® on Billboard Magazine

SexTapes® Mention in Guns N Roses Article

Chris Pitman talks about SexTapes® at

You can also hear samples from the new album on our updated MySpace profile at:

If you have a MySpace profile send us a friend request, so we can connect with you there. Thanxxx to all our fans on MySpace for all your great comments and feedback!

You’ve probably seen our good friends, Guns N' Roses, everywhere lately. They’ve been getting mad press for Chinese Democracy and rightfully so. Congratulations to Axl, Chris and all the guys for makin’ a slammin’ album! You can check out GNR and SexTapes™ at Best Buy.

We have live shows coming up in Los Angeles and will announce them as soon as we have the dates confirmed. If you’re in the SexTapes® FanClub, you’ll be the first to know, so sign up here!

Hopefully we covered everything! Until next time, have a rockin’ Thanksgiving!

Talk to you soon...


The Snowball

A big whatup to all our family & friendz!

We are happy to announce that we have Mona Loring and her crew at MLC PR helping us out with the SexTapes® record release! Thanks guys for makin' that snowball grow!

Want to give our good friends, Guns N' Roses, a big congrats on their record release! Chinese Democracy is HUGE! Look for both at your local stores and check back here for SexTapes® appearance schedule!

Also want to give a big thank you to our good friends at Tool for posting our record release info on their newsletter along w/ our new photo. Thanx Danny & Blair! You can check it out at:

Keep your eyes peeled for the new SexTapes® myspace profile coming your way and our new record release posters!

Makin' plenty of SexTapes® for the holidaze! Talk to you soon...



New Record and Poster

Hello all!

Guess you heard the news about our record release-we're stoked to have you guys in our corner! Thanx to our family and friends for all your support! Let us know when you spot it.

We just finished a photoshoot w/ photographer Rian Flynn and it was slammin'! Found some great locations in Hollywood and let it rip. The finished poster is in our photos section now, so check it out!

Until next time, this is Kelly...

Peace throughout...

SexTapes News

What's up!!!? Big shout to our family and friends all over the world!

We're in the process of updating our profile and other sites, so hope you enjoy the new graphics, etc.

We love meeting people who are hungry for great music, art and film/videos like we are, so let us know what favorite things you're checking out, listening to and/or watching and we'll do the same!

If you're in the Los Angeles area, make sure you check out our brothers in Volto playing at The Baked Potato. They're slammin!

Some big SexTapes news is brewing, so hopefully we'll be able to announce that soon!!!

Until then, this is Kelly...

Peace throughout...


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